About Us

The ERP group is comprised of a talented group of individuals designing and delivering software for the manufacturing industries.

  1. Formed in 1982, with 40 years of staying in front of hardware and software changes, we develop using industry standard software from FTSE 100 companies that is used in numerous companies throughout the world.
  2. 15 dedicated members of staff with a comprehensive range of diversification, along with an extensive knowledge of IT in manufacturing.
  3. Throughout our history, we have always been a rapid application development (agile) company, with customer satisfaction our end goal. We change the software to meet the business and not the business to meet the software, allowing our customers to keep at the forefront of market, technology, and legislative demands.
  4. We are fully committed to GAMP, controlled by our own internal electronic systems and procedures.
  5. Our software is designed for a diverse range of manufacturing and processing industries.
  6. Privately owned and debt free.
Our apprenticeship program takes the young people of today and builds them into our site managers of the future. This is a five-year program designed to nurture the growth of these individuals to best serve our customers.

We also acknowledge over time, more experienced staff may retire. To help with our apprenticeship scheme, we have an Established Skills Network of retired staff, meaning knowledge that would have been lost, is still available and we can call on these staff to educate and support projects.

Philosophy - Deeper and Wider

Our business is built on the strong relationships we have built within all levels at our customers, from the shopfloor to board level. This ensures we understand your business and use technology to deliver efficient solutions.

Our deeper and wider philosophy helps our customers expand using IT solutions:

  • Deeper - the main ERP group products control all the running of a customer's processes.

  • Wider - new areas of the ERP group portfolio are added to help the customer utilise new technology.

Running through this philosophy, to help support and understand a site, our staff will build relationships with not just key personnel but also users of the software. It is a simple idea, learn from the customer on how to help the customer. The site manager is the face of the ERP group at a customer's site but behind the site managers, are developers, project managers and product champions. These can be called on at any point to help during a project or installation. All staff members of the ERP group work towards helping our customers be their best using the best software.

Our Mission

We wholeheartedly believe in our products, with our aim to integrate our products into a customer's business, so that we work together as a valued partner, developing a lasting relationship based on the deeper and wider philosophy.